Comment 6 for bug 42926

Oh, that's nice, I didn't know something like that was in the making. If you guys are working on an extended version of Bitstream, are you going to fix some of the kerning errors in it as well?

I think it's pretty okay to use an extended version of the famous font we all know and love as default font, if the changes didn't compromise the quality of the font and if it doesn't have any severe incompletions or shortcomings. But yeah, we should probably discuss that further on bug #40553.

As for 20 not being enough: it doesn't really matter what the final amount of fonts will be, as long as there are fonts that cover most of the important Unicode range and some "fantasy" fonts that users can make fancy office documents with (I personally despise that but it seems that a lot of people love it).

What do you think about the idea of a font manager, though? I think it would make a lot of problems go away, if anyone's willing to take up the making of it.