Comment 28 for bug 42926

How about we make two packages--one which contains a set of basic
fonts for various scripts (Chinese, Hindi) and another which contains
"extra" fonts that are not really necessary. The two have separate
meanings, one is practical and the other is mainly for those who want
to use the fonts for, say, their OpenOffice documents.

We should keep in mind that users might not want to have the language
pack, yet still want to read documents made with the script. People
who natively speak English but work together with an Indian company,
for example.

Michiel Sikma
<email address hidden>

On 12-dec-2008, at 17:44, Alexander Butenko wrote:

> the problem is that system acts way faster once there is not a lot
> of fonts installed there.
> We have enought time for the next release in order to take care of
> this bug i think.
> What about my proposal to put fonts as a depends to language-pack-*
> packages? That will be the simplest and good working solution.
> --
> More granular font selection for the default install
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