Comment 21 for bug 42926

I think that it should be possible to reduce the amount of default
fonts without giving up on the most often used writing systems. I
personally think that it's important that users of Arabic, Hebrew,
Devanagari, Cyrillic, and eastern logographic writing systems, should
be supported out of the box. I'm not aware of how big out user base
that uses these systems is, but at the very least it makes sense to
give these people the opportunity to work in their native language
without installing anything separately, for the operating system
calling itself "Linux for human beings".

I'm sure it's our best try to reduce the amount of fonts we have to
an absolute minimum, including only the basic Web fonts and some
basic non-Latin writing system support.

On Feb 5, 2008, at 1:53 AM, avb wrote:

> I'm fully agree with atie. All this fonts which is in recommends to
> ubuntu-desktop should be Recommends or Depends for language-support-
> * packages. Not to ubuntu. Big part of ubuntu users need only Latin
> fonts. The rest is installing their language support package.
> According to me i'm wiping all this xfonts* packages except -base
> and just installing msttcorefonts which is suite all my needs.
> First of all it will decrease base desktop install size. Second it
> will make list of fonts smaller. Third it will reduse download and
> installation time for users who is installing ubuntu via http//ftp.
> --
> More granular font selection for the default install
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