Comment 11 for bug 42926

So far as Korean fonts are concerned fonts in ttf-baekmuk look uglier than ttf-unfonts or ttf-alee, but latter two ttf fonts packages are not installed by ubuntu-desktop. And, I, ATM, prefer to have them as "Depends" of language-support-ko, which means per language basis. Replacing ttf-baemuk with maybe ttf-unfonts should be done with upstream fontconfig so it's difficult to proceed, and a common preference by Korean users isn't yet strong for it, IMO.

For CJK fonts, you may see some useful info from the font configurations in /usr/share/language-selector/fontconfig/. Some of fonts in the configurations are not also installed by default (or can't be installed or even not mentioned due to license issue). Anyway, for CJK fonts, preferences and properties such as AA and hinting are already well defined in the language-selector package.