desktop background does not refresh automatically

Bug #284538 reported by Inash Zubair on 2008-10-16
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Bug Description

Binary package hint: ubuntu-desktop

after last night's beta package upgrades: after minimizing an application, the background does not automatically refreshes. instead it show's a stucky scan lines from the application minimizing animation.

attached are 2 screenshots. 1st one of the background after minimizing firefox. the second one is when you select empty areas of the desktop, it does refresh that area specifically.

Distribution: Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Beta, after package upgrades of October 15, 2008 evening.

Inash Zubair (inash) wrote :
Inash Zubair (inash) wrote :
Inash Zubair (inash) wrote :

Below is the commit log for the update:

Commit Log for Wed Oct 15 07:54:43 2008

Upgraded the following packages:
compiz (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
compiz-core (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (0.7.8-0ubuntu1) to 0.7.8-0ubuntu2
compiz-gnome (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
compiz-plugins (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
compiz-wrapper (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
cpio (2.9-13ubuntu1) to 2.9-13ubuntu2
file-roller (2.24.0-0ubuntu1) to 2.24.0-0ubuntu3
hal-info (20081001+git20081007-0ubuntu1) to 20081013-0ubuntu1
human-theme (0.27) to 0.28
initscripts (2.86.ds1-59ubuntu12) to 2.86.ds1-59ubuntu13
jockey-common (0.5~beta2-0ubuntu1) to 0.5~beta2-0ubuntu2
jockey-gtk (0.5~beta2-0ubuntu1) to 0.5~beta2-0ubuntu2
language-pack-en-base (1:8.10+20081008) to 1:8.10+20081011
language-pack-gnome-en (1:8.10+20081008) to 1:8.10+20081011
language-pack-gnome-en-base (1:8.10+20081008) to 1:8.10+20081011
language-selector (0.3.12) to 0.3.13
language-selector-common (0.3.12) to 0.3.13
libapache2-mod-php5 (5.2.6-2ubuntu3) to 5.2.6-2ubuntu4
libcairo2 (1.7.6-0ubuntu1) to 1.8.0-0ubuntu1
libcairo2-dev (1.7.6-0ubuntu1) to 1.8.0-0ubuntu1
libcompizconfig0 (0.7.8-0ubuntu1) to 0.7.8-0ubuntu2
libdecoration0 (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu2) to 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu3
libgnome2-0 (2.24.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.24.1-0ubuntu4
libgnome2-common (2.24.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.24.1-0ubuntu4
libldap-2.4-2 (2.4.11-0ubuntu4) to 2.4.11-0ubuntu5
linux-headers-2.6.27-7 (2.6.27-7.10) to 2.6.27-7.11
linux-headers-2.6.27-7-generic (2.6.27-7.10) to 2.6.27-7.11
linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic (2.6.27-7.10) to 2.6.27-7.11
linux-libc-dev (2.6.27-7.10) to 2.6.27-7.11
linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-7-generic (2.6.27-7.9) to 2.6.27-7.10
linux-restricted-modules-common (2.6.27-7.9) to 2.6.27-7.10
module-init-tools (3.3-pre11-4ubuntu15) to 3.3-pre11-4ubuntu16
php5-cli (5.2.6-2ubuntu3) to 5.2.6-2ubuntu4
php5-common (5.2.6-2ubuntu3) to 5.2.6-2ubuntu4
php5-mysql (5.2.6-2ubuntu3) to 5.2.6-2ubuntu4
sysv-rc (2.86.ds1-59ubuntu12) to 2.86.ds1-59ubuntu13
sysvinit-utils (2.86.ds1-59ubuntu12) to 2.86.ds1-59ubuntu13
ubufox (0.6~b1-0ubuntu4) to 0.6~pre+bzr141-0ubuntu1
ubuntu-artwork (45) to 46.2
ubuntu-wallpapers (0.27) to 0.28.1
update-manager (1:0.93.23) to 1:0.93.24
update-manager-core (1:0.93.23) to 1:0.93.24
update-notifier (0.71.4) to 0.71.5
update-notifier-common (0.71.4) to 0.71.5
xml-core (0.11) to 0.11ubuntu1

Installed the following packages:
fglrx-modaliases (2:8.543-0ubuntu1)

Other than the above change log, a bunch of packages were removed by the update as well.

Neil Munro (neilmunro) wrote :

Thanks for taking the time report this bug and help make ubuntu better, in order for us to help decide how best to deal with this issue we require some more information.

Firstly can you confirm that this bug still occurs with the latest patches?

Changed in ubuntu-meta:
status: New → Incomplete
Inash Zubair (inash) wrote :

Hello Neil. After 2 updates it is working fine now.

Changed in ubuntu-meta:
status: Incomplete → Fix Released
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