Comment 16 for bug 689789

David Planella [2010-12-14 15:41 -0000]:
> With the ubuntu-docs upload maverick-proposed we are simply getting the
> translations imported into Launchpad as planned.

But won't that override customized LP translations with the new (and
worse) strings?

> The ubuntu-docs package
> does not need to get to maverick-updates, it can stay in -proposed.

We can even remove it entirely again.

> So so far everything goes to plan, except for the fact that the
> translations uploaded have not been completely imported yet, and they've
> probably missed the window for being used in the next language pack PPA:

That's fine. We don't use .po files for translated help. ubuntu-docs
builds the translated XML files itself, and we copy them verbatim into
the language packs (though a rather long process).