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Bug #507624 reported by Gabor Kelemen on 2010-01-14
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ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: ubuntu-docs

While translating the serverguide, I found the following problems in the virtualization section (

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:36(para)
If nothing is printed, it means that your cpu does <emphasis>not</emphasis> support hardware virtualization.
- should be CPU

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:40(para)
On most computer whose processor supports virtualization, it is necessary to activate an option in the bios to enable it. The method described above does not show the status of it's activation.
-should be BIOS

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:443(para)
With vmbuilder, there is no need to download a JeOS ISO anymore. vmbuilder will fetch the various package and build a virtual machine tailored for our need in about a minute for us. Vmbuilder is a Script
- should not use "our" and "us", but "your" and "you"

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:455(para)
First introduced as a shell script in Ubuntu 8.04LTS
-8.04 LTS

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:723(programlisting)
--part PATH\n
  Allows to specify a partition table in partfile each line of partfile should specify\n
  (root first):\n
      mountpoint size\n
  where size is in megabytes. You can have up to 4 virtual disks, a new disk starts on a\n
  line with ’---’. ie :\n
-This is copypasted from vmbuilder --help, and besides being ugly, it's hard to get the meaning (I guess I should report this there too :)). The partfile refers to a file, and PATH is the path of this file - this is not obvious from this string. So, the second sentence could say something like:
"Allows you to specify a partition table in a partition file, located at PATH. Each line of the partition file should specify\n"

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:809(command)
sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite intrepid --flavour virtual --arch i386 \\ -
o --libvirt qemu:///system --ip --part vmbuilder.partition \\
--user user --name user --pass default
---intrepid is a bit obsolete here

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:833(para)
This is done using vmbuilder by specifying the --addpkg command multiple times:
--addpkg is not a command, rather a switch (or option?)

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:897(para)
When vmbuilder creates builds your system,
or using a caching proxy such as <application>apt-cache</application>.
--The next string instructs the user to issue: sudo apt-get install apt-proxy - so the <application> here should be apt-proxy too.

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:931(para)
The mirror address specified here will also be used in the <filename>/etc/
apt/source.list</filename> of the newly created guest, so it is usefull to
--should be "sources.list" and "useful"

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:1149(command)
sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite intrepid
--intrepid again?

#: serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:1291(para)
Be sure to replace <emphasis>nodecontroller</emphasis>, <emphasis>node01</emphasis>, and <emphasis>node02</emphasis> with actual hostnames.
- this is at the bottom of but this page does not mention any of nodecontroller, node01 and node02 - the whole sentence is unnecessary.

Related branches

Connor Imes (ckimes) on 2010-01-15
Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Low
tags: added: bitesize serverguide
Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Nathan Handler (nhandler)
status: New → In Progress
Matthew East (mdke) wrote :

Thanks to Nathan for the fix, now committed to our lucid branch.

Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
assignee: Nathan Handler (nhandler) → nobody
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (5.5 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-docs - 10.04.2

ubuntu-docs (10.04.2) lucid; urgency=low

  * General:
    - Fixes to scripts/ (including LP: #482862)
    - Fix character encoding in contributors.xml (LP: #448618)
    - Updated version in browser-startpage html files, LP: #526320
    - Refresh pot files
  * Add-applications:
    - Updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
  * Config-desktop:
    - Added topic on changing window buttons from the left, Phil Bull
  * Hardware:
    - Added mention of gsynaptics, Connor Imes, LP: #450567
  * Internet:
    - Refresh list of plugins supplied by ubuntu-restricted-extras, branch
      from Nathan Murray, LP: #504981
    - Updates to reflect that Ekiga no longer installed by default, Connor Imes,
      LP: #508572
    - Grammar fix from Alex Wardle, LP: #517776
    - Order adjustment for shares-admin usage, Alex Wardle, LP: #518119
    - Button name change for shares-admin app, Alex Wardle, LP: #518170
    - Use unlock icon in networking section, Alex Wardle, LP: #518117
    - Updated directions on changing text size and page zooming in firefox,
      Alison Rowland, LP: #512556
    - Fixed guilabel usage in modem section. Alex Wardle, LP: #521243
    - Updated button and tab names in Static Connections section,
      Alex Wardle, LP: #521508
    - Typo fix in adsl section. Alex Wardle, LP: #525349
    - Removed unused and empty basics.xml, LP: #525431
    - Minor wording update to directions for sharing folders via nautilus,
      Connor Imes, LP: #518175
    - Use 'NetworkManager' not 'Network Manager' for consistency, Connor Imes
      LP: #518107
    - Update to troubleshooting mobile devices, Connor Imes, LP: #453459
    - Adjusted description of NetworkManager applet icons, Connor Imes
      LP: #440826
    - Additions to VPN section of connecting guide, Alex Wardle, LP: #452647
    - Expanded on using config files for vpn connections, Connor Imes
    - Command line substitution for Services utility which is not in Karmic or
      Lucid, Connor Imes, LP: #518460
    - Structural and language changes + updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
  * Musicvideophotos:
    - Added section for recording and editing video, Book 'em Dano, LP: #367569
  * Newtoubuntu:
    - Complete rewrite, Matthew East
  * Printing:
    - Simple Scan replaced xsane for scanning documents, Alex Wardle, LP: #546193
  * Serverguide:
    - Rename link to serverguide in advanced-topics.xml, Gilbert
      Mendoza, LP: #505708
    - Use distro-short-codename variable for vmbuilder documentation in
      serverguide rather than static version example, Connor Imes,. LP: #509653
    - Small fixes to security chapter, Connor Imes, LP: #510703
    - Small fixes from Nathan Handler, LP: #507624
    - Configuration change for OpenLDAP, Connor Imes, LP: #511090
    - Refresh of network-config section, Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #506800
    - Update manpage links to use distro-short-codename, Connor Imes
    - Changed OpenLDAP replication to use single Provider/Consumer configuration,
      Adam Sommer
    - Removed grub-password-security section - it does not apply to Grub2,
      Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #384148
    - Refere...


Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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