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Bug #506800 reported by Gilbert Mendoza on 2010-01-13
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ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu)
Gilbert Mendoza

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Binary package hint: ubuntu-docs

I am working on a patch to refresh the content of the "Network Configuration" section of the Ubuntu Server Guide (Upcoming Lucid +). The proposed TOC and description of what they will contain is below. Patch to be completed in the next few days. Notes and comments welcome.

The bridging and resources section will not be addressed in this patch, although I do plan on visiting them in the near future. There is also room to add a section on basic Load Balancing (LACP, Round Robin, etc) and 802.1Q VLAN tagging, but that would just be too much for a single bug report / patch.

Proposed TOC:

Network Configuration
 Ethernet Interfaces
   * Will outline how network devices receive their device identifier of ethX. e.g. eth0, eth1
   * Will explain how to manually control which NIC receives which identifier if needed.
   * Will recommend further reading of ethtool man page for Ethernet parameter control.
 IP Addressing
  Temporary Configurations
   * Will give basic examples of temporary configuration of basic addressing (lost on reboot).
   * ifconfig, route and ip command examples will be given.
  Loopback Addressing
   * Will reference loopback entry in /etc/network/interfaces
   * Will outline how to add loopback subinterfaces.
  Dynamic Addressing (DHCP Client)
   * Will reference dhcp entry in /etc/network/interfaces
   * Will reference dhcp3 client configuration options (dhclient.conf)
  Static Addressing
   * Will reference static entry in /etc/network/interfaces
 Name Resolution
  DNS Configuration
   * Will outline nsswitch.conf and how to control order of name lookup process (file, dns, mdns4, etc)
   * Will outline how to properly configure resolv.conf
   * Will include proper outline of domain search order lists
  Static Hostnames
   * Brief discussion on /etc/hosts
  * Leave as-is for time being
  * Leave as-is for time being

Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Gilbert Mendoza (gmendoza)
status: New → In Progress
Matthew East (mdke) on 2010-01-13
tags: added: serverguide
Gilbert Mendoza (gmendoza) wrote :

Okay, so I've completed the proposed modifications of network-config.xml as they relate to this ticket.

I have been re-reading it over and over again, but you know how an extra pair of eyes can find both grammatical and spelling issues, and would appreciate any suggestions, comments or concerns.

One area that I would like some input on is regarding a section of a displayed configuration file that is just very wide. It's the section regarding Interface Logical Identifiers, displaying the contents of /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. The lines are very long and could either be wrapped or abbreviated, but not sure what the official way would be.

Proposed patch is attached.

tags: added: patch
Connor Imes (ckimes) wrote :

Gilbert, this patch looks very nice, thanks so much for your hard work. Here are my comments, they are simple and easy to fix:

It seems that you didn't validate correctly:
   scripts/ serverguide/C/serverguide.xml
It shows that the section dns-configuration already exists in the dns.xml file. I suggest changing the name to dns-client-configuration.

  Flusing -> Flushing
  as show -> as shown
  resovle -> resolve

I see that you have multiple notes referencing the man page for interfaces(5) - one of which also references dhclient(8). These may be better placed in one location - in the Resources section at the bottom of the page. You may also consider linking them to using the variable "&distro-codename-short;" so the links stay up to date.

Another string, "keep them left to their default values" is a little strange, consider touching it up. "keep them left" just doesn't sound right.

As for your question about the "70-persistent-net.rules" file, if it is valid to wrap the entries in the configuration file, you can do so in the docs as well. However, if each entry has to be on one line, then we should leave it as so.

Gilbert Mendoza (gmendoza) wrote :

Thanks for the assistance. All requested modifications have been made. New diff is attached.

Connor Imes (ckimes) wrote :

Thanks, Gilbert, your patch has been committed to the Lucid dev branch, rev. 438. Cheers.

Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
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status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Gilbert Mendoza (gmendoza) wrote :

Cool, thanks.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (5.5 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-docs - 10.04.2

ubuntu-docs (10.04.2) lucid; urgency=low

  * General:
    - Fixes to scripts/ (including LP: #482862)
    - Fix character encoding in contributors.xml (LP: #448618)
    - Updated version in browser-startpage html files, LP: #526320
    - Refresh pot files
  * Add-applications:
    - Updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
  * Config-desktop:
    - Added topic on changing window buttons from the left, Phil Bull
  * Hardware:
    - Added mention of gsynaptics, Connor Imes, LP: #450567
  * Internet:
    - Refresh list of plugins supplied by ubuntu-restricted-extras, branch
      from Nathan Murray, LP: #504981
    - Updates to reflect that Ekiga no longer installed by default, Connor Imes,
      LP: #508572
    - Grammar fix from Alex Wardle, LP: #517776
    - Order adjustment for shares-admin usage, Alex Wardle, LP: #518119
    - Button name change for shares-admin app, Alex Wardle, LP: #518170
    - Use unlock icon in networking section, Alex Wardle, LP: #518117
    - Updated directions on changing text size and page zooming in firefox,
      Alison Rowland, LP: #512556
    - Fixed guilabel usage in modem section. Alex Wardle, LP: #521243
    - Updated button and tab names in Static Connections section,
      Alex Wardle, LP: #521508
    - Typo fix in adsl section. Alex Wardle, LP: #525349
    - Removed unused and empty basics.xml, LP: #525431
    - Minor wording update to directions for sharing folders via nautilus,
      Connor Imes, LP: #518175
    - Use 'NetworkManager' not 'Network Manager' for consistency, Connor Imes
      LP: #518107
    - Update to troubleshooting mobile devices, Connor Imes, LP: #453459
    - Adjusted description of NetworkManager applet icons, Connor Imes
      LP: #440826
    - Additions to VPN section of connecting guide, Alex Wardle, LP: #452647
    - Expanded on using config files for vpn connections, Connor Imes
    - Command line substitution for Services utility which is not in Karmic or
      Lucid, Connor Imes, LP: #518460
    - Structural and language changes + updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
  * Musicvideophotos:
    - Added section for recording and editing video, Book 'em Dano, LP: #367569
  * Newtoubuntu:
    - Complete rewrite, Matthew East
  * Printing:
    - Simple Scan replaced xsane for scanning documents, Alex Wardle, LP: #546193
  * Serverguide:
    - Rename link to serverguide in advanced-topics.xml, Gilbert
      Mendoza, LP: #505708
    - Use distro-short-codename variable for vmbuilder documentation in
      serverguide rather than static version example, Connor Imes,. LP: #509653
    - Small fixes to security chapter, Connor Imes, LP: #510703
    - Small fixes from Nathan Handler, LP: #507624
    - Configuration change for OpenLDAP, Connor Imes, LP: #511090
    - Refresh of network-config section, Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #506800
    - Update manpage links to use distro-short-codename, Connor Imes
    - Changed OpenLDAP replication to use single Provider/Consumer configuration,
      Adam Sommer
    - Removed grub-password-security section - it does not apply to Grub2,
      Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #384148
    - Refere...


Changed in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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