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Adam Sommer (asommer) wrote :

Mmmm... I can't seem to login using my LP username and password. Just kidding... I don't think I should if that is a private Canonical ticket tracker.

Hasn't all the information on doc.u.c been moved to wiki.u.c/DocumentationTeam? If so then really all we need from doc.u.c is the "nightly" build of the repository.

I totally understand if the SysAdmin Team is busy, and this issue is a low priority. I was just wondering if it may be possible for one of the Doc Team to build the repo every night then maybe rsync it to doc.u.c, or scp, or ftp? That might alleviate the burden on the SysAdmin Team and provide some needed functionality.

Just my thought... I'm not even sure of who to talk to about it Mathew Nuzum?