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Bug #371221: [pbuilder-dist] Use packages from ~/pbuilder/dist_result to satisfy deps Wishlist Triaged 385 weeks

From: Benjamin Drung
Link: use-local-repository.patch


Bug #1257909: [pbuilder-dist] should honour BASETGZ or name consistently Undecided New 386 weeks

From: Shashank Chintalagiri
Link: basetgz-string.diff


Bug #974132: [backportpackage] please support backporting to Debian stable Wishlist Confirmed 474 weeks

From: Benjamin Drung
Link: backportpackage-debian.patch


Bug #878868: [syncpackage] --no-lp picks up to many changelog entries in certain situations Low New 498 weeks

From: Stefano Rivera
Link: syncpackage-878868.patch


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