Comment 13 for bug 281348

me too, and in case it helps here are the collection of symptoms i see on kubuntu 8.10, firefox 3.0.3 2008101315, when both ubuntu firefox options (current as of writing) and tab mix plus (default version as well as the most recent dev build, 0.3.7pre.081003)

- customize toolbars collection of icons reduced to minimal set
- add-on icons i situated on toolbars gone - eg, Clear Cache, Grab and Drag, Google toolbar auto-fill
- Add-on toolbars (eg, google toolbar, web developer) appear empty, or extremely reduced
- toolbar reconfigurations (i move the search box to the empty space in the navigation toobar) are cancelled (so the search box is back crowding the address bar)

it may be unrelated, but firefox has crashed several times in the past few days, just as i've been noticing my toolbar customizations disappearing. it may be unrelated, but it's a serious problem, and i strongly suspect a connections.

if i deactivate either tab mix plus or ubuntu firefox options add-ons, or both, and restart, then i see the full repertoire of available icons and regain all my customizations. (i haven't been running long enough to be sure i'm clear of browser crashes.)

i should add that it has *never* been clear to me what i sacrifice by disabling ubuntu firefox options. i vaguely understand that it enables firefox add-ons to be installed as debian packages, but don't know how essential that is to operation. tab mix plus is important enough to my moment-to-moment browser operation that i go with the uncertain choice of disabling ubuntu firefox options. i'm hoping you all can fix the interaction problem, particularly if this is going to disrupt something important.