Comment 12 for bug 968216

Mossroy (mossroy) wrote :

Same issue on an AMD Athlon XP 3200+.
The workaround also worked for me.

I saw in some duplicate bugs that some users do not know how to apply the workaround.
For those interested, here are the steps :
- start your computer from the live-CD (or live-USB), and choose "Try Ubuntu without installing" instead of "Install Ubuntu"
- after some time, you should reach the desktop : click on the Ubuntu logo in the top left corner and type "terminal" (without the quotes)
- a terminal icon should appear below : click on it. You should have a command-line in a dark window
- type "sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-slideshow-xubuntu", and confirm the uninstallation when it is asked
- close the window with the red cross in its top left corner
- double-click on the desktop icon "Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS" and follow the usual installation steps
- when all the information will be entered, instead of having a slideshow of Ubuntu features during the installation, you will have a small window with a progress bar. But the installation should work fine

In any case, be aware that there is at least one other issue with these old CPUs on Linux : . It seems that Adobe compiled the recent Flash plugin versions with some options that are incompatible with our CPUs. So Flash crashes every time and is unusable... Thank you Adobe