Comment 0 for bug 947107

I clicked through the 12.04 LTS Beta 1 installation wizard and selected "Install 12.04 LTS alongside 11.10". I am presented with a simple slider to manage the partitions for the existing and new version of Ubuntu. However, the only labels present on the partitions are the sizes (approx 120GB and 60GB). Which one is for 12.04 and which for 11.10?

I would suggest adding labels either for the partition names ("/dev/sda1", "/dev/sda2") or (preferably) for the OS that is/is going to be installed on the partition ("Ubuntu 11.10", "Ubuntu 12.04"). The latter would obviously be preferred because I wouldn't neccesarily know what the former means. (btw, I'm assuming my existing installation would stay on the existing partition, /dev/sda1?)

At the moment I can't continue past this step knowing what is going to happen, which means I don't really want to! :)

I will add a screenshot asap.