Comment 4 for bug 486300

Whiteknight (wknight8111) wrote :

It's been several days without so much as a confirmation that another human has even read this report. In the interim, the state of my computer has steadily decreased and is now essentially unusable. I sincerely want to get this issue resolved not only so I can use the system again, but so that other people who run into these kinds of problems can get them resolved quickly as well.

Without any direction, I've been trying to post logfiles that I thought were pertinent. After rebooting 7 times tonight, I have been unable to get my computer running even for long enough to post a new log. It froze twice while booting, once while running a disk check, once while logging in, twice after logging in but before I could open any applications, and the 7th time I tried my mouse didn't work and then the screen went blank with the caps lock and numlock lights flashing (which I have been lead to believe is indicative of a kernel panic).

After 7 attempts to get the computer working, I have given up and am not able to post any new logs tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a fresh install, although I'm not certain yet whether I will be re-installing Ubuntu or whether I will try something else entirely.