Comment 7 for bug 368060

Nicholas (nicholas-a) wrote :


Thanks for the changes. I notice a major bugs with one of the images, so am listing them here, and also marked a modified copy of the areas in question.

BUG. For p5.5 (IST -- India)
* India's NE states have been completely omitted. This needs to be included. I have marked the area in red in the attachment for p5.5.

I think highlighting all the areas would be prone to confusion. This is what I suggest:

A. All disputed regions be marked out [done]
1. Administered+undisputed -- normal green colour
2. Administered+disputed -- green colour1=close to normal green
3. Not administered+claimed -- green colour2 = close to grey

There are two independent regions of interest regarding claimed territory.
1. Kashmir [India, Pakistan, China] [Regions marked: 1, 2, & 3]
2. Arunachal Pradesh [India, China] -- yet to be done -- Marked out as Region 4

For image P5, I have marked out region 3-A. This region should *not be* highlighted for timezone UTC+5 as it is administered by China but not claimed by Pakistan.

Thanks for looking into it.