Comment 69 for bug 220961

Tom (tom6) wrote :

This old bug-bear has re-emerged again :(

My sda7 (target) has just over 6 Gb unused empty space and i tried again on my sda8 which has just over 12 Gb unused free empty space. GParted reports no errors on either partition.

4 Gb Ram
Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 165 × 2
Gallium 0.4 on NVC4

My LiveUsb 223 Mb free space left, according to Launcher - Settings - Details - Install Updates (it tries to install newer kernel packages which apt-get wanted to ignore (quite rightly so imo))

I have run updates, in small batches so i can clean & autoremove etc between batches. If i don't run updates the installer crashes for a different reason, at least it seems quite different. Yday i was able to install 16.04 to my sda6 (5 Gb empty free space)

I am trying to consolidate all my game-saves (and such) from old hard-drives. I'm not sure how i sync'd the old drives' partitions onto my newer one. Probably g"ddrescue". These 2 remaining partitions have caused problems before but i thought a non-formatting install would fix the various permissions from 777 to whatever is relevant as well as kinda fix whatever problems had been on those old systems. Both partitions had Linux on them before, probably Ubuntu from around 2008/2009 but possibly Wolvix or SliTaz or something. I might try to re-rescue those old hard-drives now that i know more about what i'm doing and can hopefully avoid bumps that led to bad ideas (such as the whole 777 thing).

I do have a working Ubuntu (or few) which helps me work, rest and play.

So this bug/problem is not essential for me, it's just a curiosity.

Good luck and many regards from
Tom :)