Comment 7 for bug 1897991

Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote :

(repeat of comments made earlier on #ubuntu-flavors)

I had the issue with prior ISOs as mentioned comment #3

Yes I performed test again (same box) & got same result (photos were from 2nd attempt; box turned off between re-try.

I did NOT re-create this issue using the Ubuntu daily (2020-09-30) on same d990 box.

I tried using the Xubuntu daily on
sony vaio svp112a1cw (i5-9400u, 4gb, intel haswell-ULT)
and it did NOT have this issue either.

This install however had what I considered a different issue "System Bootloader not found. Initializing defaults\n..."
which is filed as right/wrongly

(I also clouded issue by including two issues; filing against linux as I couldn't decide on package; & kernel sure is wrong. If the bootloader is related to this, it should be removed from other bug & package changed to xubuntu-desktop|meta on 1898041)