Comment 9 for bug 1824905

After install.  Alt-F2 and ran ubuntu-bug.  That brought up the Apport
screen with the options to select different problems to report.  Checked
Other problem and Got "You need to specify a package or a PID. See
--help for more information."

So I went to Launchpad and created a bug report.  I have replicated this
just now and created a bug #1825028

Last evening would just go to an error message when trying
to create this bug with the exact same information I just put in for the
bug listed above.

On 4/16/19 11:22 AM, Brian Murray wrote:
> @FranksMCB - "This is an installer issue, not a ubuntu-release-upgrader
> issue. However I could not get Launchpad to accept this bug any
> otherway."
> Could you elaborate about how you went about reporting the bug from the
> system? Exactly what command did you use?
> ** Tags added: rls-ee-incoming