Comment 26 for bug 1552539

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

I'm still unable to synthetically trigger an event that apparently happens after swapoff and before mkswap that would trigger dev-sda3.device/dev-sda3.swap like that. I tried reading and writing /dev/sda3 and even udevadm trigger'ing it.

Dave shut down his machine to try something (removing /scripts/casper-bottom/13swap to avoid this existing swap partition to go into the live system's /etc/fstab in the first place), which might be a good enough workaround for the release.

Some notes:

 * My experiments above have never touched/changed dev-sda3.device, only the data on that partition. "dev-sda3.device: Changed dead -> plugged" sounds like the entire partition got removed and re-added, which I didn't try yet.

 * If we don't understand/cannot fix the real issue in time, then changing /scripts/casper-bottom/13swap to merely swapon existing swap partitions (or leave them alone completely) instead of writing them to the life system's /etc/fstab might be good enough at this point.