Comment 11 for bug 1552539

john fisher (john-jpfisher) wrote :

I get variations when installing to a gpt disk (usb stick).
1) Start with usbstick, using gdisk and gparted from 16.04 beta2, create new gpt table. Create 400M Fat32 partition and mark it boot. Create an ext4 partition and a swap partition.
2) boot onto16.04 beta2 server livecd usbstick, select install.

a. the partitioner will not allow you to make part1 Fat32 bootable, but if you made it bootable in step 1, it will accept the setting.
b. running the partitioner produces different error messages, but it will not succeed:
~ cant erase existing files on part1
~ can't format part1
~ can't create the ext4 partition
~ failed to remove conflicting files

I tried the swapoff workaround and it didn't help.

This procedure was tricky but possible in 14.04, I can't find any way to make it work in 16.04 beta2