Comment 147 for bug 150930

Saivann Carignan (oxmosys) wrote :

├ůskar : Thanks for your comment, can your provide the following informations?

1. Did you fix the problem while you used Gutsy with the workaround? If not, no need to go further, installing a brand new Hardy system should not have this bug, but if you already have wrong values in /etc/usplash.conf and that you upgrade, nothing will change, Hardy will keep the existing values in /etc/usplash.conf.
2. If the problem suddenly appeared with Hardy, can you attach your /etc/usplash.conf ?
3. Can you also say what is the resolution of your screen as you can see in System / Preferences / Screen Resolution ?

If the values in /etc/usplash.conf were already the same as your actual screen resolution and that you still get this bug, you might have bug 205990.