Comment 8 for bug 1447600

I just tried reproducing it in a virtual machine and the problem didn't
happen. I don't have a free physical machine to try it on (it was a
physical machine where it happened to me in the first place).


On 05/29/2015 08:14 AM, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> As Brian mentioned earlier, there isn't enough information to deal with
> this bug just yet. Could someone having this run "apport-collect
> 1447600" or attach /var/log/syslog *from the installer* when this
> happens? You can do this by having a terminal open beside ubiquity in
> the "Try Ubuntu before install" option of the CD.
> We only need one proper log for this, so it's unnecessary for multiple
> people to run apport-collect in the installer; but we do need to know
> what/why it's stalling, which is something that will show up in the
> logs.
> Also, while I appreciate that this is an annoying bug, I don't think it
> qualifies as "Critical", so I'm reducing it to High.
> ** Changed in: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
> Importance: Critical => High