Comment 19 for bug 1447600

Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) wrote :

Now I came up with an idea how to investigate whether it is a deadlock between mkfs and the GUI.

Under /proc/<pid>/stack one can see the call stack in the kernel space of the process. So if the mkfs process hung in some do_write call and the log capturing process in some do_read call that would confirm my theory of a deadlock. Or the stacks might reveal something else.

So I tried the installation once more (actually twice), but according to Murphy both attempts went through the formatting without hanging. Yesterday I had nearly 10 attempts, which hung until I found the work-around. Or my work-around was just random luck...

Anyway if anybody gets the problem again she or he might report the stacks of mkfs and the log reading process (don't recall the exact name, saw it yesterday)