Comment 38 for bug 1265192


This is for the devs and the Ubuntu Installer Team:

We experienced this issue as well in Linux Mint. Our bug report is at

We decided to fix it by renaming "Replace OS with.." with "Erase disk and install..":

We've rolled out this commit in our Xfce edition. Although it's still in RC, we're confident the resulting installer is far less misleading.

Long term I would also suggest a confirmation dialog. You added warning dialogs for cases such as the lack of SWAP, or the non-formatting of / which I think is great. It would be nice to add one to scenarii where the disk is wiped. Even though there is a red warning there underneath the label, there's no dialog to interrupt the flow. It might lessen the quality of the experience but if it saves a few people from wiping their drive just because they didn't read all the info on the screen, it might be worth the annoyance.