Comment 35 for bug 1265192

I second Mauricio Gracia.

I have, similarly, been toying with Linux since '98. And actually using Ubuntu since 2010. I have also been a vocal Linux/Ubuntu evangaliser until Unity and then Mint/Cinnamon evangaliser.

I was trying to convert my team at work to change over to Linux, when this same 'disaster' struck me as I was showing them how safe it was to change over to Linux.

I'm still struggling to recover my data after 36 hours of 'TestDisk' scanning. And my team has been traumatised enough to want to agree to pay whatever licence fees the closed source OS manufacturer demands, just to avoid such slash-and-burn destruction of their individual computers.

So, please do bear in mind, that unless and until this matter is resolved positively, it is succeeding in driving more people over to the 'other' camp than anything else.