Comment 131 for bug 1265192

ventrical (dale-f-beaudoin) wrote :

I was advised to post this:

"It worked but not in the way Bruno described. The real bug is that windows 8 OS is not being detected (or reported) because GRuB will detect it after ubuntu install. This is simple bug that is non bug .. just not being echoed to the screen so somehwere in the code there needs to be port to screen. The other problem is with the way gparted try to explain it's 'operations pending' reports. They are very hard to see and each and every step has to be confirmed in that particular order - so gparted needs some GUI retrofit so people can better understand it IMO.

so it works good without proposed (trusty current) but the how too help files are lacking. Ubiquity presenter and partitioner has very bad logic problems with UEFI and needs to be looked at but the install process was seamless here. I left some verbage at launchpad and ubuntuforums thread.