Comment 0 for bug 1265192

Brand new Samsung laptop with UEFI. I had installed 13.04 Ubuntu but on reboot I never saw the 'grub' style menu. It just kept going into Windows 8.1. So I got the 13.10 version (64 bit) and choose "Reinstall Ubuntu" (That may not be the exact text)
It removed all the partiions including the recovery partitions. I do have a backup for the windows install, but I was very surprised that this happened.
On a positive note I now have Ububtu up and running on my machine.
This is not my first time with Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu alongside WinXp, Vista and Windows 7. I've used Ubuntu desktop for over 6 years.
If you would like me to try something to replicate this. .. I could shrink my existing partion make another one - reinstall and see if it whacks that one. I can do this now .. I'm still moving into this laptop so starting over is not so bad.

Steve Devine