Comment 6 for bug 123102

zebul666 (zebul666) wrote :

i installed hardy heron 8.04 desktop x86 edition from the live cd on a reiserfs partition.
and used the advanced button at the last stage of installer to install grub on the / partition instead of the MBR.
and grub-install failed with the error described above.

i had to kill the installer because it stalled there doing nothing. so i got not log of the installer.

i had to create a /boot/grub/menu.lst with update-grub and install manually grub in the partition with grub-install.

what a pity ! the bug is one year old.
if i could do it by hand from a chroot to ubuntu partition, it's not a grub-install bug, is it ?

is this bug a duplicate for #185878 ?