Comment 25 for bug 1205397

Amendment to #24
The following solution worked for me for installation:
I booted using 17.04 64 bit and did choose the "Try Lubuntu" option from the boot menu.
From the desktop I have chosen "start menu" -> "system tools" -> "LXTerminal"
In the terminal I issued:
  sudo swapoff --all
  sudo apt-get install lvm2
  answer Y to continue install of lvm2
After completion I started the installer icon from the desktop and the installation ran smoothly.

BUT AFTER REBOOT I RAN INTO CONSOLE-ONLY MODE. BusyBox v1.22.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.22.0-19ubuntu2) build-in shell (ash)

Perhaps this part of the solution does help someone else. Good Luck!

I am pretty fed up by now. Perhaps I might come back at a later point in time. Bye for now.