Comment 20 for bug 1205397

Daten Schutz (datenschutz) wrote :

This bug is still present in Lubuntu 16.04.1, and it has been here for years. Lubuntu is great, but I don't know why such really critical bug cannot be removed. Unfortunately, I don't know how to program...

PLEASE, dear Lubuntu Team, would PLEASE fix it? I would appreciate this very much. If necessary and you tell me someone who can do this, I would be willing to pay for the bugfix.

Hard disks should not be used unencrypted, but this bug FORCES every normal user to do so! Installing without encryption is the ONLY thing a normal user can do!

For everybody who has found this page, a workaround:

1. Restart your computer and choose test Lubuntu (without installation).
2. In the program menu, find the program LXterminal (in German: you can find it in "Systemwerkzeuge").
3. Type "sudo swapoff -all".
4. Only then click the icon to install Lubuntu. Encrypted installation should work now.

Please note: The restart is necessary, the system must be "clean".