Comment 18 for bug 1205397

pwaring (launchpad-pwaring) wrote :

I'm running into this on Lubuntu 16.04.1 too - i386 and amd64 desktop ISOs (downloaded yesterday). Tried on multiple machines with the same results, but the workaround fixed the problem.

The error message is: "An unsafe swap space has been detected" (I couldn't find this bug by copying + pasting the message).

This seems like a major bug to me - users can't install using one of the options presented to them unless they run a terminal command manually. I consider myself to be an advanced user and I managed to find the workaround via a blog post, but I suspect people with less experience will give up.

Is there a way of getting the bug importance increased (I don't think Medium fully conveys the seriousness of "I can't install Lubuntu using the wizard") and is there anything users can do to help get this fixed?