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Dean Henrichsmeyer (dean) wrote :


We'll keep the Landscape client settings the same as what's in the system settings dialog now which is:

 * Service type (hosted or LDS)
 * Account name (in the case of hosted)
 * Server URL (in the case of LDS)
 * Passphrase (optional)

In terms of the installer preseeding, we're keeping the scope of this limited to FDE so just whether or not to enable FDE will be the only thing.

In terms of overridable, that depends on what's returned from Landscape. If it's set as optional in the Landscape account, then it will be optional and the user can choose. If FDE is mandatory, then that will be chosen and not overridable. Similarly if it's set to never enable FDE. Obviously the user can choose not to register with Landscape and can do whatever they want. Let me know if you have further questions.