Comment 9 for bug 1044788

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

Thanks, Dmitrijs for the pointers to the CSS properties. gnome-themes-standard doesn't use any of them. As Adwaita is the standard GTK3 theme, those can't be standard features. ;)

What I'd expect is for Ubiquity to do like gnome-control-center and use a top toolbar with the menubar style

System Settings looks a lot like Ubiquity with a dark top toolbar and a light grey background for the main content area. And it shouldn't be too hard to get white either (like is used in the Keyboard Shortcuts panel). By the way, Adwaita uses a medium gray color for the menubar style, not dark gray so don't assume that the text there should be white. I'm attaching a screenshot of what System Settings looks like for Adwaita, which is how I would expect Ubiquity to look like.