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Bug #894112 reported by philinux on 2011-11-23
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ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu)

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For the next release and subsequent please include in the slideshow.
Since it is the official forums.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

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bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) wrote :

Is there still time to get this resolved in Ubuntu 12.04 ? The forums are a major support option with a great community and path to Ubuntu Membership.

Neil Oosthuizen (nlsthzn) wrote :

I hope this is fixable... it was only reported 3 months ago?!

Elfy (elfy) wrote :

Would certainly be good to see the forum get included during the install slideshow.

description: updated
Graham Lucking (lucking) wrote :

If you want to reduce the number of false bug reports then sources for help like the Ubuntu Community Forum need to be given a higher profile.

Michael Rawson (michael.rawson) wrote :

Please put it on. I for one feel a little annoyed when I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums, then we get ignored for a newer, shinier version on the installer.

JC Car (jccar) wrote :

Ubuntu Forums most certainly should be included in the slide show, it just makes good sense. Ubuntu is for humans, and Ubuntu Forums are where the humans are helping each other. How could that not be considered an invaluable asset, worthy of recognition?

I would support this completely and enthusiastically! The Ubuntu Forums have a huge presence in the Ubuntu world and a presence in the slideshow would both confirm and enhance its role.

Dale Beaudoin (twocamels) wrote :

From Ventrical:

  To leave out from the installer slideshow is like peanut butter without jam, salt without pepper! We, the ubuntuforum community, spend tireless, selfless hours scouring the internet looking for fixes and patches and statistics, crunching numbers and surrendering our machines to the rocket exhaust as which we know is Ubuntu, downloading endless daily installs and .iso files often paying high dollars for usage out of our own pockets which is even difficult in this global economy, and yet , we do it with joy, with zeal and with an endless ethusiasm to make Ubuntu, not just better, but 'the best'!!
  If Ubuntu and Canonical cannot consider itself the best OS for human beings in the world today then they should honestly get out of the buisness. We at Ubuntuforums are the best! We work the hardest, we are adventurers and experimenters and white hated hackers (and a few black hats too) ;). We are bold in out assumptions and quick to render workarounds. We do not put bugs to sleep, we awaken them and renew them and we resolve them, even against all odds from the steeled repositories, we take the tempest on... even when there is immense difficulty and endless lines of code, we do not become despondent but , rather, continue to take on the new problems always with renewed introspection and regards.
I would hope Ubuntu and Canonical would return those same regards to it testers, it beloved newbies and all the members at

Kindest Regards,


Dale Beaudoin (twocamels) wrote :

(edit) "white hatted hackers"
thank you.

Ubuntu is a big Universe and there are many resources that would worth a mention (including "official" ones). If you are proposing to replace the link from AskUbuntu to UbuntuForum, can I ask you what would be the benefit for the user? Isn't AskUbuntu a more modern (better) platform for Q&A?

Elfy (elfy) wrote :

No-one is proposing that. Only that the forum be part of the slideshow.

@forestpiskie someone did to me in pvt, and on the other hand we can't list all the support options. Probably makes sense to decide among the two. And, to be honest, I think UF could be a great option for non-English, and supported, languages.

We should also put into account that UF didn't implement yet the new branding (after 2 years!).

Changed the status to opinion, until a decision is made. Let's discuss it here! ;)

Changed in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Opinion
status: Opinion → New

Ok, "new" is more suitable. (silver-fox) wrote :

@Christian "We should also put into account that UF didn't implement yet the new branding (after 2 years!)."

This is beyond the control of the forum staff. Canonical are responsible for the maintenance of the forum software.

@silver-fox: thanks for the info, and sorry for not knowing it. I will escalate this internally then!

I note from the branch linked to this bug that Dylan has removed askubuntu and replaced it with ubuntuforums. I don't think that was the goal of the bug report. Ideally we'd have both sites linked from the installer rather than just one. (silver-fox) wrote :

@Alan - I didn't reaslise that askubuntu was replaced, that wasn't the goal at all. I personally would like to see both sites linked.

Elfy (elfy) wrote :

@Alan - I'd also like to see both linked.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed

Thanks for pointing that out, but I really don't think _adding_ a link is
sane. This thing has to be simple, and a new link is a URL that the user
must remember (and rank with the others), and we already have askubuntu.comand

The slideshow currently mentions, and will continue to mention, That page serves as a hub for any helpful support
options for Ubuntu, including Ask Ubuntu, the community forums, and
Canonical's commercial support. I think it works better than expecting
people to remember (and explore!) multiple support websites.

I think what ubuntu really needs is to make User Documentation easier to access:

Easier access On Demand. Usually when you need support is not when installing ubuntu, but using it.

bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) wrote :

@Christian Giordano (nuthinking) - I think your comment about the theme used on the forums is out of place in this bug report and off topic. FWIW, we are working very closely with Canonical at updating the forums, and yes it is a complex process. If you search you will find the bug reports here on LP.

Back on topic - Yes the Ubuntu community is large and some though should go into introducing the major areas to new users. If you ask my opinion I would include the forums, wiki, irc, launchpad, and support through Canonical.

We , the forums community, will propose a patch to ubiquity slide show in this bug report (as requested on IRC) and request it be included. If others would like to propose additional updates or inclusions, probably best to ask them to submit independent bug report and patches.

Ultimately I would imagine it is up to the CC and / or Canonical to decide what to include and what not to, no need to debate the issue on this bug report.

Changed in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Dylan McCall (dylanmccall) wrote :

I feel accordingly bad about my clunky communication here. I committed a change to trunk for this, but since it really could use further discussion I moved it to its own branch. I'll link that branch to this bug report.

It's important to keep things simple here, so I think there is an either-or choice between Ask Ubuntu, the Forums, or something else — whether we like it or not. That's why I've been so reluctant to change the existing link, and somehow I just never got it through my head you meant to add new stuff!

If you have any cool ideas to handle more information here, feel free to propose them in a branch (or the mailing list, or here, or wherever), but do keep in mind: the slideshow is transient, and definitely not a reference. Ideally, it'll just strengthen a connection the user might already be making, such as that help exists on the Ubuntu website. There always will be some, but there shouldn't be a _prominent_ sense of "I might need to remember this" or (later on) "I wish I'd remembered that," because that discourages people, and I bet that discouragement happens exponentially.
That's why is important. It's familiar, and it has all those support options we missed. We show an immediate example of a support community (currently Ask Ubuntu), and then we establish where that came from :)

(Though I don't really know if people will read a URL like that to see and Support, so I could be talking nonsense about familiarity. Wouldn't be the first time).

bodhi.zazen (bodhi.zazen) wrote :

Perhaps you could rotate which support option you highlight on the installer with each release.

askubuntu -> forums -> LP -> IRC -> wiki -> other ?

That way you sort of cover all the bases as it seems many people who install Ubuntu are repeat offenders and would likely appreciate a change of scenery from time to time =) (silver-fox) wrote :

An alternative idea has surfaced on the ubuntu forums [1], with an animated gif cycling through Ask Ubuntu, Launchpad and Ubuntu Forums logos.


shane (shane-animail) wrote :

Although something like askubuntu may possibly be better as a support portal, particularly for new users, including ubuntuforums would push the community side of ubuntu more and get them more involved in the "world" of ubuntu?

philinux (philcb) wrote :

Since I raised the bug I'd like to endorse the suggestion from s-fox post #27.

I've just tested the 12.04 iso and personally I dont think the twitter feed adds anything to the install process. In fact some tweets etc would be very confusing to new users. (silver-fox) wrote :

I have a html slide ready to go, which uses jquery image transition through the 3 logos. I have emailed bodsda a zip file containing my work, as well as offering to send it onto to Dylan. I have had no reply as of yet.

no longer affects: ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu
wolfen69 (wolfen69) wrote :

I believe this would be good for the community and new users.

Bodsda (bodsda) on 2012-03-31
Changed in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu):
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philinux (philcb) wrote :

Can this please be sorted for 12.10.


Codingman (codingmanuf) wrote :

good idea!

It is the official forum, and offers a discussion area for newbies.

summary: - Precise Pangolin - Please include in the slideshow
+ Please include in the slideshow (silver-fox) wrote :

Any update on this?

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

1) Ubuntu sponsors team is not subscribe
2) The branch has no merge proposal

Therefore it is not in the sponsors queue [1]


Please make a merge proposal with your changes
attach files to the bug report & subscribe ubuntu-sponsors team.

This but also affects me.

Ubuntu QA Website (ubuntuqa) wrote :

This bug has been reported on the Ubuntu ISO testing tracker.

A list of all reports related to this bug can be found here:

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Peter Jones (jonesypeter) wrote :

I fully support that the Ubuntu Forum should be returned to the Ubuntu installation slide-show

Elfy (elfy) wrote :

Can people please not comment unless they are adding to dealing with the bug.

Please use the affects you option at the top instead.

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