Comment 14 for bug 447383

2009/10/16 Timo Jyrinki <email address hidden>:
> Whatever the case, now that the new strings are in, please make sure you
> will do a new upload of ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu with all the new
> translations from Rosetta in a couple of days, or 21st the latest. I see
> that was
> removed, which is good that there is only one place the translations are
> in, namely
> /ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu

I agree with Timo, whatever the decision at this point, please make an
update export of all translations.
I asked on the mailing list how much time we were granted for this
exception, since in that way we could have known how to deal with
this: if it was best to keep on translating, or if it was best to
revert back to the old templates.

These translations will be see by a big audience, and probably not
English speaking: having half strings translated would be a real bad
experience for them (and probably give them a bad image of Ubuntu).


Milo Casagrande <email address hidden>