Comment 0 for bug 1224126

Similar to bug #1197051, qtdeclarative5-u1db1.0 stores its data files in locations like this:
/home/phablet/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/ubuntu-tasks.db

This results in AppArmor rules like the following:
owner "@{HOME}/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/"
owner "@{HOME}/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/*.db*" rwk,

But these rules are too lenient and these paths need to be made application specific so that different apps using u1db-qt can't tamper with each other's data. Specifically: $XDG_DATA_HOME/<app id> where '<app id>' will ultimately be the reverse domain name with Click packages (see bug #1197037 for details on '<app id>').

com.ubuntu.developer.mdspencer.ubuntu-tasks is an app in the app store that is affected by this. It uses the following QML:
    U1db.Database {
        id: storage
        path: "ubuntu-tasks.db"

This needs to be fixed for 13.10 otherwise apps are not properly isolation under application confinement.