Comment 38 for bug 269082

Jordan Erickson (lns) wrote :

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 04:04:05PM -0700, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> > On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 03:35:15PM -0700, Jordan Erickson wrote:
>> > > - check
>> > > out my latest comments.

Googling around furiously...

  urbanterror crash with pulseaudio

    "the game crashed completly on exit, no sound and the cpu is on
    100 percent the hole time. When i change my ubuntu settings back
    to alsa everything works fine."

  Re: [HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory

    "You need to have the corresponding libSDL package installed. If
    you have libsdl-alsa, SDL apps will use ALSA output (but ALSA support
    is broken when using PulseAudio as sound system). To use ESD or
    PulseAudio in SDL apps, you'll need libsdl-esd ou libsdl-pulseaudio,
    respectively. Also, you can install libsdl-all to have all sound
    outputs, but unless you specify it with the SDL_AUDIODRIVER variable
    (as does ET-SDL), the default system used will be ALSA."

  [Hedgewars] 0.9.11 Released!

    "Ubuntu's Pulseaudio is even more broken than usual with SDL.
    I've run into the same issues.
    hwengine hanging - kill pulseaudio, hwengine will be able to exit
    Client sucking up CPU - turn off music and restart - frontend SDL
    not playing nice with pulseaudio will be solved."

In all three cases, people seem to be concluding that SDL-that-uses-pulse
works, while generic-SDL-(that-uses-ALSA) causes problems.,

That seems to agree with the SDL mailinglist post that was attached to
the bug regarding the Tux4Kids apps:

  ALSA output doesn't set buffer size (likely fix for pulse problems)'t-set-buffer-size-(likely-fix-for-pulse-problems)-td21457593.html

    "I just noticed that the alsa audio output never set the alsa
    hardware's buffer size. I think this is why SDL has such latencies
    when pulse audio is in use."

So... can someone try installing:


and see if the Tux4Kids app (and anyone else) still go berzerk in the
LTSP environments?

(That is, assuming those environs aren't _already_ using SDL-that-uses-pulse,
in which case I'm at a total loss.)

Thank you!!!

If this does fix it, I'll also add a note to the Tux Paint website under
"Known Issues", to help spread the word a little more.

Sounds like we're onto something. Let me try and figure out how to get these fixes on Hardy.