Comment 7 for bug 535582

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

I do think it makes more sense to maintain this as Ubuntu diffs against the existing packages instead of duplicating those packages. We have a lot of process in place that helps us track differences between Ubuntu and Debian packages of the same name, which we wouldn't be leveraging if creating a new package.

> (Also, Debian has a newer version available than what we ship,
> the ttf-indic-fonts need to get merged or synced. I took the fonts
> from the latest Debian package and planned to sync the
> ttf-indic-fonts packages after this package gets uploaded, to get
> rid of the ubuntu diff. So, the font versions would be the same
> as in Debian in Lucid.)

I'm happy to have ttf-indic-fonts merged from Debian for this, please consider the FFe for that granted.


> Actually, if it has been uploaded to Debian already and is just
> stuck in the queue, we could maybe take it directly from there...?

It's non-trivial to get access to new packages *in* the queue, due to legal concerns, but you could contact the maintainers (listed at and request a copy.

(It's probably best to upload this to lucid as 3.0-0ubuntu1 or 3.0-1~build1, in case the uploaders themselves no longer have the exactly identical source package.)

> If it's only the Takao Gothic font being left in here, it would make
> sense to just create a package for that standalone font and
> update it later when the rest of the Takao fonts get packaged.

I agree.

As long as this is implemented on top of the existing source packages, then FFe granted - please go ahead.