Comment 5 for bug 535582

Arne Goetje (arnegoetje) wrote :

Steve, I'm open for other options. If you guys think introducing/maintaining ubuntu diffs in those packages makes more sense, surely I can do that. That way we would not have the inter-package skew issue, but would need to merge the packages all the time. It's mostly the packaging stuff which changes, or new fonts getting added to the packages. The fonts themselves are seldom updated, if at all.

The ttf-indic-fonts-core selection is currently not the same as the collection in this package. The list of preferred fonts changed and now largely follows what upstream has specified in their fontconfig files for sans-serif and serif fonts. (Also, Debian has a newer version available than what we ship, the ttf-indic-fonts need to get merged or synced. I took the fonts from the latest Debian package and planned to sync the ttf-indic-fonts packages after this package gets uploaded, to get rid of the ubuntu diff. So, the font versions would be the same as in Debian in Lucid.)

The ttf-kacst-one package is unfortunately not available in the Debian archive yet, so we could either include it into this package, or, if we want to split the original packages, include the new upstream version in there and then split the package... however, that change would be obsolete when the ttf-kacst-one package gets finally synced from Debian (which may be only in Lucid+1).
Actually, if it has been uploaded to Debian already and is just stuck in the queue, we could maybe take it directly from there...?
Currently I use a font version check in the fontconfig file, to check the version of the KacstOne font installed. This makes sure that the newer version in this package gets used and not the older version from the ttf-kacst package.

If it's only the Takao Gothic font being left in here, it would make sense to just create a package for that standalone font and update it later when the rest of the Takao fonts get packaged.

The reason to do this is to limit the number of pre-installed fonts to a necessary minimum in order to have more space for more important stuff, like ibus-pinyin + ibus-pinyin-db-android (~ 1MB), so that we finally have a Chinese input method on the Live CD, or to provide more fonts for more languages (e.g Persian, Urdu, Mongolian) or more language-packs. Also, several users complained that the list of installed fonts is currently too long.