Comment 4 for bug 535582

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

I would appreciate some more clarification regarding this change.

Is the set of fonts from the ttf-indic-fonts source package that are being included in this package identical to those currently shipped in the ttf-indic-fonts-core binary package? If not, why not? If it is identical, what is the advantage of shipping and maintaining a completely separate copy of these fonts in a separate package rather than continuing to maintain a divergence on the Debian packaging? (Consider that if the ttf-indic-fonts package is still available in the archive, users may wind up with two different copies of the font installed - this may not be a Conflicts/Replaces problem, but it may make debugging of font problems more difficult if the upstream versions of the font are out of sync.) If it's not identical, given the preceding comment, why would we not simply update the contents of ttf-indic-fonts-core to reflect this blueprint?

At a glance, it looks like these indic fonts will be installed by default that aren't currently:

> gargi.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Kedage-b.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Kedage-n.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> lohit_bn.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Meera_04.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Pothana2000.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Rekha.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Saab.ttf ttf-indic-fonts package in Debian/Ubuntu


> KhmerOSsys.ttf ttf-khmeros package in Debian/Ubuntu
> KhmerOS.ttf ttf-khmeros package in Debian/Ubuntu

This is a subset of the fonts in ttf-khmeros, so the split makes sense; though again I'm concerned about font skew between the multiple copies of this in the archive.

The set of thai fonts is again a subset of the existing package.

> Kinnari-Bold.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Kinnari.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu
> TlwgTypo-Bold.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu
> TlwgTypo.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Waree-Bold.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu
> Waree.ttf ttf-thai-tlwg package in Debian/Ubuntu

ttf-kacst-one - yes, I think it's better to sync this from Debian.

> TakaoPGothic.ttf -- packaging is work in progress

Since this isn't packaged yet, I don't think it matters whether it's in its own package or in a package named ubuntu-desktop-fonts.

Overall, is the subsetting of the existing packages being done to make room for more Indic fonts, or is the goal to simplify the user's options? It's great to save 4MB, but we aren't hurting for space currently; so if the only goal is to make sure we aren't negatively impacting ISO sizes, perhaps there's a way to accomplish this with less package maintenance overhead and reducing the inter-package skew issue?