Comment 2 for bug 535582

Arne Goetje (arnegoetje) wrote :

Yes, this package co-installs with the other font packages. The fonts in question will be on the disk twice when the other packages are also installed, but in different directories, so they shouldn't conflict.

It's a selection of existing fonts (list is in the bug description), with the exception of Takao Gothic, which has not been packaged yet. As we do want this font to be the default font for Japanese, it's important that it gets included.
Other fonts, KacstOne and the indic fonts, have been updated and the latest version from upstream or Debian Unstable has been used. The plan is to sync ttf-indic-fonts from Debian, once it is removed from the seeds in favor of this package.

The KacstOne font has been packaged separately and should be available in Debian Unstable by now. If we can sync that one and push it into Main, we can remove that font from this package.

Short explanation:
ttf-indic-fonts contains a Ubuntu patch to split the default desktop fonts out into a separate ttf-indic-fonts-core package. That one is seeded in the LiveCD. Debian has released a newer version of ttf-indic-fonts. I prefer not to merge the changes and instead use this package to obsolete the Ubuntu diff on ttf-indic-fonts and then sync the package from Debian.

KacstOne was included in the ttf-kacst package. We still have an older version of that package. Upstream has split this font off the package and released a much improved version of KacstOne. Debian has recently updated ttf-kacst (KacstOne has been stripped out) and packaged ttf-kacst-one separately. This font is the preferred desktop font for Arabic. When I created this package, I took the KacstOne font from upstream, since the package was not available in Debian yet at that time. Meanwhile it has been created and uploaded, so, if we can sync it from Debian, put it into Main and seed it on the LiveCD, then I can remove that font again from this package.