Comment 18 for bug 535582

Arne Goetje (arnegoetje) wrote :

OK, I have split the ttf-takao-gothic package from svn on alioth and put it on chinstrap:

The source package builds three binary packages:
ttf-takao-pgothic -> this one we want to have seeded in the Live CD, approx 4 MB; replacement for ttf-vlgothic
ttf-takao-gothic -> will get pulled by language-support-fonts-ja, needs to be in main
ttf-takao-mincho -> will get pulled by language-selector-fonts-ja, needs to be in main.

I will update fontconfig now with new CJK font preferences and ttf-kacst-one for Arabic.
Further I want to retire fontconfig-voodoo from language-selector. That stuff will be replaced by the CJK changes in fontconfig.