Comment 3 for bug 540042

Steve White (stevan-white) wrote :


Last night I committed a change to FreeFont CVS that might be toward your problem #1.


I looked at your picture.
In order to use it, I really need the Unicode text by which it was generated.

By the way, FreeSans has no Arabic range. You are seeing glyphs stolen from some other font in the picture.

As you must be aware, there are technical problems in merging Latin text with Arabic.
Besides the weight of the letters, Arabic letters tend to go much farther above and below the baseline
than Latin letters.
I am not personally satisfied with the Arabic range in FreeSerif in that respect. I'm sure there's a solution,
but I lack the language and artistic skills to do anything about it personally.
I was in contact with somebody who did some work in this regard, but the effort seems to have stalled.
(But of course, since I got no bug reports, I assumed that I was the only one who notice the problems.)

As to the style of the Arabic range in itself, I can be no judge.
But if you don't like one font face, there is always another... That's the beauty of it!

If you want to take this farther, please open a report on the FreeFont site as I recommended.