Comment 70 for bug 163544

Ernst (ernst-blaauw) wrote :

I'm running Karmic Alpha 6. If I search for ubuntu, the tracker tool shows on the left side:

Documents (25)

On the right side, I see three documents (instead of the expected 10). I can click on the arrow; on the next page, 2 results are shown (and above this 'Search results 11-10 of 25 results). On the last page, again 2 results are showed. So, I got 7 results.
If I type on the command line:

$tracker-search -s Documents ubuntu |wc -l

I get 8 (as the first row is not a file, this result matches the 7 reults above). Why does the GUI does not count correctly? I have not deleted or moved files, this is just after the first indexing finished.