Comment 57 for bug 163544

Martyn Russell (martyn-lanedo) wrote :

mlissner, I know this is going to sound silly, but if you move a directory with 200 files in it to some place Tracker doesn't monitor, it is considered a DELETE event. In that case, you then can have a lot of hits which are grossly misreported by the search tool. If you do the same thing with the linux kernel (i.e. 26k files) and search for "kernel", that's a big number to be out by. It isn't that hard to be out.

NOTE: Carlos Garnacho, committed his patch today which corrects this slowly over time, so for big removals it will be noticeable, for small deletes it should work properly now.

Romano, it may well be that we don't handle .tex files properly - I would need a file to test with and to add it to my local monitored directories to see what happens with it to test that. Sounds like a simple case of just not indexing that file type.