Comment 54 for bug 163544

Martyn Russell (martyn-lanedo) wrote :

Note: If you are using tracker-search-tool and it says you have 10 files but no results are shown, this is normal behaviour. The hit score you get back is an "indication". This is exactly the same way that Google works. This is reproducible by indexing the kernel source, then removing the top level directory. There are no results, but the search tool says there are on the left in the categories.

We are currently working on improving this, but right now, unindexing content is far too slow to be done on delete events. The fix for this is to remove hits when they are searched for and the data has gone from the main database. This is currently broken too and we are in the process of fixing it this week.

Regarding the unindexing being too slow, this is something that will improve after the next release (next week 0.6.91) which will have support for SQLite FTS and should be much faster than the QDBM database we are currently using (which we estimate is taking up 75% of the time we spend indexing).