Activity log for bug #908382

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-12-24 12:57:31 gogo bug added bug
2011-12-24 12:57:42 gogo visibility private public
2012-01-02 11:58:18 Apport retracing service bug added subscriber Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages
2012-01-02 11:58:21 Apport retracing service attachment added Stacktrace.txt https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/908382/+attachment/2653905/+files/Stacktrace.txt
2012-01-02 11:58:22 Apport retracing service attachment added ThreadStacktrace.txt https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/908382/+attachment/2653906/+files/ThreadStacktrace.txt
2012-01-02 11:58:24 Apport retracing service attachment removed CoreDump.gz https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/908382/+attachment/2645702/+files/CoreDump.gz
2012-01-02 11:58:26 Apport retracing service totem (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Medium
2012-01-02 11:58:27 Apport retracing service summary totem-plugin-viewer crashed with SIGSEGV in dbus_glib_marshal_totem_embedded_BOOLEAN__STRING_STRING_POINTER() totem-plugin-viewer crashed with SIGSEGV in totem_embedded_play()
2012-01-02 11:58:29 Apport retracing service tags amd64 apport-crash need-amd64-retrace precise running-unity amd64 apport-crash precise running-unity
2012-02-01 22:48:32 Launchpad Janitor totem (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2012-06-12 09:06:47 Sebastien Bacher marked as duplicate 976970