Totem freeze when click and drag a folder or folders

Bug #660222 reported by Shunsuke Akagi on 2010-10-13
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totem (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: totem

Totem freeze completely when I click and drag folders many times. It won't happen right away. It happens occasionally.
When it happens, my mouse cursor stays as moving folder and I can not do anything then I must reset it. The frozen cursor can be moved. Any keys won't work. Only Ctl+Alt+Delete=>restart works.

I am not sure which timing is causing but I can not even report system status information because whole system lock up.

Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

Thank you taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Please try to obtain a backtrace of the freeze following the instructions at and upload the backtrace (as an attachment) to the bug report. This will greatly help us in tracking down your problem.

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Mahendra Tallur (mahen) wrote :

I was about to report this. This is a REALLY tricky bug but I now manage to reproduce it within 30 seconds...

1) open totem
2) play a music file (please use the (public domain) Amiga .mod files I will attach below, for some reason, I manage to reproduce the problem more easily with those -- but it also occurs with mp3s)
3) now drag a 2nd music file above the totem window. DO NOT DROP YET ! Just move the mouse cursor very quickly BETWEEN THE VISUALIZATION (goom enabled) AND PLAYLIST panes. Do it for about 15 seconds
4) the file icon may disappear after a few seconds. If it doesn't : play the 2nd file and drag the 1st file (& goto 2 until the problem occurs)
5) once the dragged icon has disappeared : the GUI is completely locked. Actually not completely :
- the music is still beiing played
- you can still move the mouse cursor but its state is frozen (it can be a "move" "add" or "normal" cursor)
- sometimes you can still scroll within the playlist -- as if the mouse cursor was "locked" inside the playlist
- nothing else responds and you have to kill the X server !

This is a really weird bug but I managed to trigger it about 15 times in half an hour. Please try with the "mod" music files below. I also attach a gdb backtrace (with the totem symbols installed but maybe more are required ?) -- I started gdb until the text console and exported the display for totem.

Please note : I am using the nvidia proprietary drivers. I triggered the bug with both compiz enabled AND disabled.

Mahendra Tallur (mahen) wrote :

2 more important pieces of information :

- issue also occurs with the Nouveau Nvidia driver and not only the proprietary one
- "to unlock the mouse" you actually have to kill the nautilus process from the text console. This way you don't need to restart the X server.

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Omer Akram (om26er) wrote :

setting to triaged since there is an upstream bug linked.

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Shunsuke Akagi (shoon) wrote :

>- "to unlock the mouse" you actually have to kill the nautilus process from the text console. This way you don't need to restart the X server.

To do this process, do I have to have text console ahead of time? There is nothing I can do other than ctrl+alt+delete for me. I assume even if I had text console ahead of time, I would not be able to focus the console. Could you tell me more detail of how to kill, please?


Mahendra Tallur (mahen) wrote :

Shunsuke Akagi : thanks for your reply !

Actually, you have to switch to TTY0 :

- type "ctrl + left-alt + F1"
- log in as the user who logged in under X
- ps aux | grep nautilus then kill -9 [nautilus process]

It works from a default Ubuntu installation unless you disabled the TTY text consoles.

Cheers !

Shunsuke Akagi (shoon) wrote :

I see. It seems to work.
There are a lot of things I do not know.
Thanks a lot!

Mahendra Tallur (mahen) wrote :

Omer Akram : sadly, the upstream report didn't yield any result as the (gnome) triager didn't manage to reproduce the issue, which is a real one, as I can reproduce it easily personally, and I know at least one other person who encounters it once in a while

Shunsuke Akagi : can you add some more data to the upstream report I made on the Gnome bugtracker ? Maybe it could help the triager / GNOME developers understand / reproduce it.

Cheers !

Shunsuke Akagi (shoon) wrote :

Since I am avoiding this issue, I have not encounter this issue for awhile.
If you had very good CPU, it may not occur. When it happens, the mouse icon stays hand mark without folder name therefore the process does not seem to be catching up.

Because this is a fatal issue and it happens all the sudden, I did not want to reproduce but now I probably can kill the process without reseting, thanks to Mahendra Tallur, so that I will try to make bugtracker.

By the way, If you click and drug a folder with single video such as WMV or AVI file into TOTEM, would it play?
Mine would NOT play almost 100%.

Shunsuke Akagi (shoon) wrote :

I forgot to tell one important thing that may related to this issue.
I have dual screen. The main monitor is top on the secondary screen.
I usually play videos on the secondary screen so I click and drop on the secondary screen.
Another bug that can not show pictures is definitely related to dual screens because the video show at main screen briefly and disappears then no pictures on secondary screen.
I just wonder people who do not see this issue may not have dual screens.

I still figure out how to get this issue 100% but it occurs so randomly. The folder that caused this issue once won't do it the second time or ever. It seems to me the matter of process being busy or not.

Shunsuke Akagi (shoon) wrote :

Thanks to Mahendra Tallur.
I can come back from freezing now. I do not need to be afraid of this issue anymore.
Thanks again!

Chris Wilson (notgary) on 2011-12-14
no longer affects: hundredpapercuts

It still occurs all the time. I just kill nautilus every time when it
happens so not so big deal now but it is very unfortunate no one can fix
the problem.

On 12/14/2011 01:29 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
> ** No longer affects: hundredpapercuts

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