Internal GStreamer error: pad problem

Bug #25075 reported by shiechka on 2005-11-06
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totem (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

maciek@sorbus:~$ totem /cdrom/good_bye_lenin.cd2.avi

(totem:8871): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accel_label_set_accel_closure: assertion
`gtk_accel_group_from_accel_closure (accel_closure) != NULL' failed

(totem:8871): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accel_label_set_accel_closure: assertion
`gtk_accel_group_from_accel_closure (accel_closure) != NULL' failed
No accelerated IMDCT transform found

** (totem:8871): CRITICAL **: gst_ffmpegdec_release_buffer: assertion `buf !=
NULL' failed

3 windows "Internal GStreamer error: pad problem" are displayed, the movie
doeasn't play.

The mplayer output, which plays this video just fine:

maciek@sorbus:~$ mplayer /media/cdrom/good_bye_lenin.cd2.avi
MPlayer dev-CVS--4.0.2 (C) 2000-2005 MPlayer Team
CPU: Intel (Family: 6, Stepping: 8)
Detected cache-line size is 64 bytes
MMX2 supported but disabled
SSE2 supported but disabled
CPUflags: MMX: 1 MMX2: 0 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 1 SSE2: 0
Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX SSE

86 audio & 200 video codecs
Linux RTC init error in ioctl (rtc_irqp_set 1024): Permission denied
Try adding "echo 1024 > /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-freq" to your system startup
Opening joystick device /dev/input/js0
Can't open joystick device /dev/input/js0 : No such file or directory
Can't init input joystick
Setting up LIRC support...
mplayer: could not connect to socket
mplayer: No such file or directory
Failed to open LIRC support.
You will not be able to use your remote control.
Playing /media/cdrom/good_bye_lenin.cd2.avi.
AVI file format detected.
VIDEO: [DX50] 608x320 24bpp 25.000 fps 1228.8 kbps (150.0 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
 Software: VirtualDubMod (build 2178/release)
Trying to force audio codec driver family libmad...
Opening audio decoder: [liba52] AC3 decoding with liba52
Using SSE optimized IMDCT transform
AC3: 5.1 (3f+2r+lfe) 48000 Hz 384.0 kbit/s
Using MMX optimized resampler
AUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 384.0 kbit/25.00% (ratio: 48000->192000)
Selected audio codec: [a52] afm:liba52 (AC3-liba52)
vo: X11 running at 1280x800 with depth 24 and 32 bpp (":0.0" => local display)
Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
Selected video codec: [ffodivx] vfm:ffmpeg (FFmpeg MPEG-4)
Building audio filter chain for 48000Hz/2ch/s16le -> 0Hz/0ch/??...
alsa-init: 1 soundcard found, using: default
alsa: 48000 Hz/2 channels/4 bpf/65536 bytes buffer/Signed 16 bit Little Endian
AO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch s16le (2 bps)
Building audio filter chain for 48000Hz/2ch/s16le -> 48000Hz/2ch/s16le...
Starting playback...
VDec: vo config request - 608 x 320 (preferred csp: Planar YV12)
VDec: using Planar YV12 as output csp (no 0)
Movie-Aspect is 1.90:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
VO: [x11] 608x320 => 608x320 Planar YV12
SwScaler: using unscaled Planar YV12 -> BGRA special converter
New_Face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. 1 ??% ??% ??,?% 1 0 91%
Please supply the text font file (~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf).
subtitle font: load_sub_face failed.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

Thanks for your bug report. Which version of Ubuntu and totem do you use? Does
this happen with totem-xine too? Which gstreamer modules do you have installed?

shiechka (werchowyna) wrote :

(In reply to comment #1)
> Thanks for your bug report. Which version of Ubuntu and totem do you use?

I can't remember which Ubuntu i was trying when this happened. Sorry I didn't
include it in my report. Either Breezy or Hoary. You can try to guess by the
mplayer bits in my bug report (e.g. "MPlayer dev-CVS--4.0.2 (C) 2000-2005
MPlayer Team"), as it was installed from official Ubuntu repos along with all
other packages.

Now I'm using totem-xine on Hoary and movies play fine, this problematic one too.

> Does
> this happen with totem-xine too? Which gstreamer modules do you have installed?

Any component I could have had installed when this error happened would be the
version from official Ubuntu repos, the most actuall for the date.

Christina (nocturnalrhapsody) wrote :

I am currently having this problem. I'm running Breezy Badger, but unfortunately I'm a relative newbie to Ubuntu. It happens in totem, but I'm not sure about totem-xine (not really sure how to use it). I'm also not sure what I have installed for gstreamer modules. If you will tell me what information you need and how to get it, I can tell you what you need to know.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Do you have gstreamer0.8-ffmpeg installed? gstreamer0.8 is deprecated upstream, that would nice to try if you get the same using on dapper using gstreamer0.10...

Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

Your bug lacks information we would need to investigate further. We
are now going to close the bug - please reopen if you have more
information at hand.

Changed in totem:
assignee: seb128 → desktop-bugs
status: Needs Info → Rejected
shiechka (werchowyna) wrote :

On Dapper the same file plays OK using totem-gstreamer. There is some strange output printed to the console though:

$ totem /media/cdrom/good_bye_lenin.cd2.avi
No accelerated IMDCT transform found

And sometimes I also get:

$ totem /media/cdrom/good_bye_lenin.cd2.avi

(totem:9949): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Cannot load module `/usr/lib/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/' (/usr/lib/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/ nie można otworzyć pliku obiektu dzielonego: Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu)


Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

thank you for the update, marking as fixed if it plays fine with dapper, the other messages seems to be a different topic

Changed in totem:
status: Rejected → Fix Released
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