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Bug #221795 reported by John
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Binary package hint: totem

When playing back a music file with a metadata comment (e.g. ID3 comment tag) spanning multiple lines of text, the file property view of the sidebar will always force Totem to scale to a height which is large enough to display all lines of the comment in the sidebar at once. For lower screen resolutions this often grows Totem beyond the visible screen/desktop area. As resizing below this height is not permitted, the playback buttons become unreachable.

Proposed solution: Offer a scroll bar in the sidebar if the maximum desktop height has been reached and the file properties still do not fit into the sidebar.

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: i386
Date: Fri Apr 25 11:53:18 2008
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 8.04
ExecutablePath: /usr/bin/totem-gstreamer
Package: totem-gstreamer 2.22.1-0ubuntu2
PackageArchitecture: i386
SourcePackage: totem
Uname: Linux 2.6.24-16-generic i686

Tags: apport-bug

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John (pxy061gftmr5bnc) wrote :
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Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

Thanks for the bug report. This particular bug has already been reported into our bug tracking system, but please feel free to report any further bugs you find.

Changed in totem:
status: New → Invalid
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Justin Dugger (jldugger) wrote :

Pedro, would you mind marking duplicate bugs rather than closing them as "Invalid?"

Changed in totem:
status: Invalid → Incomplete
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Justin Dugger (jldugger) wrote :

An example that demonstrates the problem can be found at .

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Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

you could make some efforts, there is lot of duplicates filed on launchpad and searching for the exact numbers takes some minutes for each, it means either we point that the issue is a duplicate and let you spend some minutes looking for the number, or we do this work for every duplicate and spend hours to looking for exact numbers rather than working on fixing issues. which one seems the best option to you?

Changed in totem:
status: Unknown → New
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Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

The screen resize larger than the screen is a more than known totem issue, you can track it here:, linking that for now. And as Sebastien said, we have to deal with hundreds of reports daily and searching for the exactly number can be hard sometimes, but you're welcome to help us with that. Thanks.

Changed in totem:
assignee: nobody → desktop-bugs
importance: Undecided → Low
status: Incomplete → Triaged
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Justin Dugger (jldugger) wrote :

Somehow I don't think this is the appropriate venue for a bug policy discussion, but here we are. I understand that bug triaging is difficult work and time consuming, but here we have an example where action has made it harder to fix bugs rather than easier. Before filing a bug on this, I went manually browsing through the totem bugs archive. Nothing looked like a hit, so I filed a bug. To LP's credit it found this bug, but I find it disturbing that the only bug on the subject is marked a duplicate, and therefore hidden from view, and even marked "invalid".

The more people we can bring together with similar problems, the faster it is for developers in to get information, test fixes and generally close bugs. In this case, marking it invalid means many people will not see it, and who knows how many minutes will be spent looking for an LP duplicate that doesn't exist. I think that marking bug duplicates brings bug reporters together and reduces the total time spent dealing with bug report duplicates -- the triager has a better idea of where the dup is than the bug reporter. As best I can tell, there is no duplicate of this bug in LP.

Since this is really a problem of time, perhaps a bug against LP should be opened asking for the "mark as duplicate" action on the left panel to re-run the dupefinder?

Changed in totem:
status: New → Fix Released
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Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

this has been fixed upstream, thanks for reporting!.

Changed in totem:
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package totem - 2.25.3-0ubuntu1

totem (2.25.3-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
   Interface changes: (LP: #303045)
    - Make the left-click seek directly to the destination
    - Hide colour balance sliders that aren't available (LP: #282073)
    - Make modifiers work as expected when drag'n'dropping files
    - Use "Movie Player" everywhere in the interface
    - Add an arrow to the sidebar button (LP: #260534)
    - Convert British English messages to American English
    - Show the fullscreen popups when seeking with the keyboard (LP: #48751)
    - Better behaviour when changing the type of playlist to be saved
    - Fix playlist problems when removing an file that was deleted
      from the filesystem
   Subtitle handling:
    - Add plugin to download text subtitles from
    - Allow selecting a text subtitle from the View menu, or by dropping
      the file onto the video widget (LP: #160518)
    - Add the subtitle and languages menus to the fullscreen popup
   Browser plugin:
    - Remove the "basic" web browser plugin, we now use the same
      API as VideoLAN for our default plugin
    - Fix relativbzre paths not resolving in some cases
    - Fix repeat=true only playing files twice
    - Add Jamendo plugin
    - Add support for streaming TV from MythTV (LP: #278748)
    - Fix YouTube movie playback following website changes
    - Make the local search and YouTube search sidebars look more alike
    - Add proper mute support for remote controls
    - Fix the metadata-updated signal to be useful
    - Remove libgnome dependency
    - Remove NVTV support
    - Use g_timeout_add_seconds() when possible
   GStreamer backend:
    - Require the rsndvdbin plugin for DVD playback
    - Add zoom support
    - Fix some files not giving us metadata with the video indexer
    - Fix the video window getting bigger than the screen (LP: #221795)
    - When streaming, the pause button stops
    - Add ability to create a gallery image using the video thumbnailer
      (LP: #282435)
  * Update debian/watch to take unstable GNOME version
  * debian/
    - add Vcs-Bzr tag
    - remove libgnome2-dev, libgnomeui-dev and libgnome-keyring-dev as b-d
      as upstream does not depend anymore from libgnome
  * Adapt patches to new
    - debian/patches/02_lpi.patch
    - debian/patches/65_bbc-plugin.patch
  * Re-regenate debian/patches/70_autotools.patch and debian/control

 -- Didier Roche <email address hidden> Wed, 07 Jan 2009 19:20:37 +0100

Changed in totem:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
Changed in totem:
importance: Unknown → Medium
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